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How to Choose the Best Cat Harness

Your cat is important to you, right? You want to take care of them and you want to take them with you places, but you don’t want to risk them running off. That’s where the best cat harness comes in. You can actually find a harness that you strap your cat into and then you can take them anywhere, just like you would with a dog. But just what should you be thinking about when it comes to choosing one and how can this cat harness buying guide help?

Size Options: Your cat is probably a different size from your neighbor’s cat, right? Well, that means you’re going to need a different size. Looking at the options for each harness is important to choose one that will fit right.

Color Options: You and your cat have your own style. That means you want a harness that can reflect it and different color options are definitely going to fit the bill. We’ll look at how many color choices you get when picking a harness.

Neck Sizes: The size around your cat’s neck is not necessarily similar to the size around the rest of their body, so having different neck sizes might help your cat be more comfortable. That’s the whole point, right? Keeping them comfortable?

Leash: What are you going to do with a harness if you don’t have a leash to help lead them along? Some harnesses make you buy this essential piece of the puzzle separately and some come right along with it.

Material: Different materials are going to affect the overall comfort for your cat as well as the durability of the harness itself. You want something sturdy and you’re likely going to be looking at nylon or cotton for the standard.

Warranty: Just like anything else you want to know if you’re getting a quality product and often, knowing if there’s a warranty could be the way to do just that. After all, a product with a warranty means the company stands behind it.

Top 10 Products

Okay, so now that you know what you’re looking for you’re probably thinking there are way too many choices and you couldn’t possibly choose, right? You’re in luck because that’s where we come in. We’ve taken a look at a number of different cat harnesses and we’ve come up with several that we believe are the best for you, and for your precious pet. That way, you don’t have to do the hard part of finding cat harness reviews but you can get back to enjoying your walks.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

Our top pick is the Kitty Holster Cat Harness because it offers you plenty of features that you’re definitely going to want. It’s a cute cat harness vest and it has plenty of options for color and style as well as four different size options to fit cats of any size. The 100% undyed cotton lining is soft and non-abrasive, to keep your kitty feeling warm and cozy. Even more important is the hook and loop closure and the D-ring that makes it super easy to attach around your cat and attach the leash to it. Just wrap around their front legs and you’re ready to get going. When you’re ready to walk your cat you’ll have no problem with this system that’s made in the USA. The Velcro makes this best pet harness easy to attach and the lightweight aspect means that it’s not going to bother your kitty while they’re wearing it. It’s also great for just about any climate and any kitty, even those who have more sensitive skin.

PetSafe Kitty Harness

Our favorite budget pick is the PetSafe Kitty Harness, which comes in three different sizes and six different colors to showcase your (and your pet’s) great style. It has a bungee style leash that provides just the right amount of give when they reach the end and the adjustable harness means that you’ll have a perfect, comfortable fit for your cat. You’ll also have just the right amount of pressure at the right places, like the shoulders rather than the throat, keeping your cat safe while they run as well. The 3/8” nylon is heavy enough to restrain your cat but not so heavy that it makes them uncomfortable. Made by a US company, you’ll be able to get ahold of a professional anytime if you have problems or questions. Wrap the straps down around their shoulders and around the waist to get a secure fit you can count on with just the right weight and durability. It’s the best cat harness for traveling.

Puptek Cat Harness

The Puptek Cat Harness comes in seven different colors, which allow you and your kitty to show off your personal style (and your favorite color). It’s made with nylon and comes with the lead so you don’t need to get anything else. Made for cats or puppies up to 12 pounds, it fits around the neck and around the back to provide even pressure throughout, keeping them comfortable but still secure. You’ll be able to adjust the neck and chest straps to get a comfortable fit and the clips make it easy to put on. There’s also a snap lock that connects the leash to the harness so they can wear the harness by itself. Tear resistant and durable, the harness is thicker than similar options and is meant to last for a long time. You just open up the clips for each area and latch it around before adjusting to fit. This lightweight system is designed so your cat will barely even know that it’s there.

Dexil Luxury Cat Harness

If you’re looking for something that provides a little more support and comfort, the Dexil Luxury Cat Harness is what you’re looking for. It has a padded and water resistant style that comes in two different sizes and five different colors for the ideal fit. The padding wraps all the way around the chest and down the front with an extra strap around the hips and waist to provide just the right pressure. It has a D ring in the front and back so you can choose how to attach your lead and the padding helps keep your cat warm in cooler weather. Bright in color (no matter which one you choose) these harnesses are very visible and can be used however you like. They are also tested and certified by the manufacturer to be strong enough for your cat, to keep them secure while you’re walking. Not only that but it’s lightweight enough that they’ll barely notice.

ONSON Cat Harness Leash

The ONSON Cat Harness comes with a leash and is available in four different colors. It latches around the neck as well as around the waist. Designed for small cats or dogs, this harness set has a nylon lead and harness that works for pets under 12 pounds. It balances out the weight and the pressure to avoid any harm and it’s durable and long lasting, with snap locks to help attach it just the way you need. There’s also a quick release aspect to the harness so you can get it off easily. Adjustable to fit small or slightly larger animals, the harness makes walking your pets a whole lot easier. Not only that but it comes with a leash that is nearly four feet long, which should be great for anyone who wants to walk their pets outdoors. Just latch it on or pick up your own favorite leash and connect it to the D-ring at the back for one of the best cat harness and leash combos we have.

Bestag Cat Harness Jacket

If you want a super cute cat harness jacket for your pet to wear when you head out then you’re definitely going to want to look at the Bestag Cat Harness Jacket. It comes in three different colors and is made with knitted fabric and cotton to get a comfortable fit for your pet. Designed with excellent permeability to get out moisture and heat, it’s soft and padded to keep your pet the perfect temperature. The vest itself attaches with Velcro and the leash attaches easily to the D clip in the back, which makes it more durable and ensures it will last. The jacket is lightweight and difficult for your cat to wiggle out of while they’re walking or any other time. It’s a good way to provide support and balance pressure across more than one area like some other harnesses. It’s high quality and also comes with the leash that you need.

MR.Jiang Cat Leash Harness

The Mr. Jiang Cat Leash Harness actually comes with everything you need to get your cat out and about. It comes in black and is made with tough nylon to resist damage and breaking plus it has two attachment points around the neck and back. This helps to balance out the pressure and it makes sure your cat is more comfortable while you’re walking. The lead attaches to the back strap and the system itself works for a range of different sizes because it’s fully adjustable, meaning it works for your kittens when they’re small and when they’re full grown as well. Designed to get your cat up and moving again, this leash goes up to 4 feet to give them plenty of distance and it fits smaller or larger cats. You can even use it with some small dogs. Both straps have breakaway colors and easily clip when you need them.

WZPB Soft Mesh Cat Harness

The WZPB Cat Harness is super soft and padded to provide a little extra warmth and extra comfort for your furry friend. Good for small puppies or cats, it comes in four different sizes and has a stylish plaid pattern in one of three different colors. The 100% polyester harness and quick release buckle, as well as the adjustable belt, make it a good fit for most pets and it’s secure and durable with strong latches and a D-ring to keep the leash attached firmly. It’s also double stitched so it’s designed to last even longer and has some cute details to go along with it too. Made with mesh to help wick away sweat and keep your pet comfortable no matter the weather, it also helps to balance out the pressure and weight across their entire back instead of focusing it at a specific point around the neck or the waist.

Petetpet Cat Harness

The PetetPet Cat Harness actually works for small dogs as well and comes with the harness itself and a leash to attach to it. It comes in three different sizes as well as three different colors to keep your pet more comfortable and has a small frame design that covers less of their body, keeping them cooler in the warm weather. There’s still plenty around the upper body to help balance out the weight of the harness and the pressure of the leash as well as providing comfort. The plaid pattern is cute to look at and it’s padded to provide more soft material. The strips across the back of the harness are reflective so your pet will be safer even walking in the dark and it’s adjustable around the chest to make sure it fits just the right way without being too tight for your kitten or puppy.

Mihachi Cat Harness

The Mihachi Cat Harness definitely looks cute with a big bow right on the back. It comes with a leash as well as the harness and is actually thinner than most other designs. It has a clasp to attach right around the neck and the waist to provide a little more balance to the pressure and the tension and the leash clips on through a D ring. It comes in only one color, but the plaid style is definitely fun and even more importantly the nylon harness is strong and secure, even for your little larger animals. The harness itself is easy to put on and take off, plus it has a quick release feature to the clasps to make them even easier to get off when you’re done with the walk. Your cat will have a little harder time trying to wiggle their way out of this best cat harness no escape while they’re walking.

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